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Aerial Photography & Aerial Videography

Stellar Web Production uses a DJI Phantom 3 Professional Drone for our aerial photography

Aerial Photos and Video for as low as $150

     We now offer our aerial photography and videography services to Realtors, Insurance Agents, Contractors, Golf Courses and anyone else looking to have aerial photos for as low as $150.

We are Licensed Pilots

     We have passed our UAS part 107 test and have our Remote Pilot Certificate allowing us to take aerial photos and videos for commercial purposes.

Typical Projects

     Typical projects include commercial real estate, residential real estate, Insurance claims, construction sites for progress reporting and quantity surveying, landscape, architecture, shopping centers, industrial sites, functions (weddings, parades, festivals) sports events, boats/yachts, classic cars, and more.

What We Do for Aerial Photography or Videography

     We offer low altitude (up to 400ft) aerial photography and videography using a 14mp/4k video aerial camera that is mounted on a 4 blade remote controlled helicopter. Once all fees are paid, you get full usage rights to photos and videos (you own all images we retain the right to use any images or footage obtained in our portfolio).

What We Don't Do

  • Spy on people
  • Fly above 400ft.
  • Fly in close proximity to airports without permission
  • Fly in restricted areas or private property without permission
  • Fly directly overhead of crowds or active roads
  • Fly in unsuitable conditions

Our Aerial Photography & Videography Process

  • First we will talk with the customer and get the address and any specifics for the project (certain days and times that work best).
  • We will either take a drive to the site or use google earth and make sure the site is suitable for flying (there is a small takeoff and landing area, it is not too close to an airport, there are no major obstructions that will prevent flying over the object to be photographed).
  • Next we will contact the customer back and either go over the focal points they want photographed or plan meet with them on site to go over what they are looking for as far as specific photos, angles, things to avoid ect.
  • Weather permitting (precipitation, lightening in the area, or wind speeds exceeding 15 mph then the session will need to rescheduled) we will fly for typically 15 - 60 minutes capturing video or photos as discussed.
  • Deposit of at least $100 is required at this point.
  • After the shoot we will edit the footage and the customer will choose which photos they would like.
  • We would then edit the photos or video.
  • Balance of fees are due.
  • Last the customer would be presented with the photos or video in the desired format (JPG, PNG, TIF, PSD, DNG and PDF) via web galleries, e-mail, cloud services (dropbox or google drive) or CD/DVD.

How do we get compensated?

     There is a base fee of $150 for photos and video plus possible additional fees based on time at the location, distance we need to travel to the location and editing time over 1 hour. Prices may vary based on quantity of projects (we offer bulk discounts on 3 or more separate locations or 3 or more shoots at same location). We require a $100 deposit on the day we perform aerial shooting and any balance must be paid before we release unwatermarked photos or video.

Additional Time

     Up to one hour of on site and flight time is included in the base price. Each additional 20 minutes is $10. So 2 hours on site would add $30 to the project.


     Up to 25 miles from our office in North Port, FL is included in the base price. Each additional 10 miles is $5 (we have to pay for gas and time to travel).

Aerial Photo Editing

     Editing of still photos can vary depending on quantity and amount of photoshop time needed on the photos. We charge $50 per hour for photo editing over the initial hour. Editing can include captions or logos, callouts, object removal, overlays, color enhancement and more.

     Typically if minimal photoshop work is needed you can get 4 - 6 high quality shots in an hour in multiple sizes and formats to fit your needs.

Aerial Video Editing

     Editing of video can be time consuming and length of video is not as important as the amount of clipping and transitions needed as well as time to add any overlays or music. We charge $50 per hour above the included hour for video editing.

     A typical 30 to 60 second video with a couple of transitions and music added will take about 2 hours to edit.

Typical Total Cost

     Typical total cost for our aerial photography services range at just $150 - $200 for customers within 25 miles of North Port Florida. Typical cost for video that needs clipping, transitions, music, and overlays is $200 - $250. Compare that to the prices of over $500 for some other companies photos or video.

  • warmmineralaerial
  • realtoraerial1
  • constructionaerials
  • golfaerials
  • landmarkaerials1
  • businessaerials
  • eventaerials
These photos rotate every few seconds or you can drag left and right for the next photo. We can take aerial shots of just about anything it is legal to and we have the ability to fly over.

Aerial Videos

The above video is from after the Ribbon cutting of the Suncoast Technical College and Shannon Staub Library.

Above is an aerial video we did for local Realtor Valerie LaBoy.

Above is an aerial video we did for a local Country Club that was looking to show its members the improvements it was making.

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